FAQ - Questions & Answers

1) Selection 
2) Ordering and Payments 
3) Return and cancel an order 
4) Shipping and Delivery 
5) Repair and Warranty 
6) Campaign offers and prices 
7) Newsletter 
8) Best Price Guarantee

Is there a physically Euro Skateshop business?
Yes, we have a shop at the address: Uplandsgade 70, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. Here you get professional help and advice, and you can pay with DK-card and VISA card.
We directly import from many brands, and therefore there are savings - and these savings are passed on to you.

Opening times Costumer Service Phone:
Monday-Friday 8:30 to 17:00
Saturday & Sunday Closed

When will I be charged to my credit card?
Your card will not be charged until we ship your package.
How is my order delivered?
Euro Skateshop sends the goods with GLS. Goods are often shipped on the same day of the order (if we have the goods in stock).

1) Selection

1.1) How can I find a specific product?
In the search field, you can search for a particular product, brand or product category search. Or you can also use the direct links to product categories.
1.2) How do I know if the item I want to buy is in stock?
We are constantly updating our website. If you have the misfortune to order a sold-out, you will be contacted with an offer of a better product for the same price.
1.3) Why are Euro Skateshop products so cheap?
Euro Skateshop is primarily based on online trading. In addition, we strive to import the goods directly from the manufacturer. This means lower cost for Euro Skateshop, and therefore we can offer you goods at a lower price.
1.4) When I find a product at a cheaper price elsewhere - does Euro Skateshop fix its price?
Yes, we have a price guarantee and therefore we can always offer our customers the best prices.

2) Order and Payment

2.1) Can I order by mail or fax?
No. For security reasons, we do not accept orders by mail or fax. But you can call Customer Service on +32 7196 2878 and they can help you with the purchase process in the Web shop.
2.2) I get a confirmation on my order?
Once you have confirmed your order, you will automatically be sent an order confirmation to your e-mail. The order confirmation will list the items you ordered and have paid for. The order confirmation is also your warranty claims.
2.3) How can I track my order status?
If your package is shipped you will receive an e-mail with Track & Trace details of GLS, then you can follow your package.
2.4) What shipping options do I have?
Euro Skateshop ship goods with GLS.
2.5) What happens if the item lost in the delivery?
Euro Skateshop calls for the shipping in collaboration with GLS. This request will take 3-7 working days, and if the package does not show up on time, your order will be executed again.

3) Return and Right of cancellation

3.1) Can I return a product if I regret buying?
You have a 365-day return policy. The goods must be undamaged and in original packaging and in the same condition as you received it. There are two options if you want to return a product.
  1. You can deliver the product for free at our store (address: Uplandsgade 70, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.
  2. You can send the goods to the warehouse (you have to pay the Shipping Costs). It is important that you attach a copi of your order conformation.
Return shipments should be sent to:
Uplandsgade 70
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
TLF. +32 71962872

3.2) What do I do if the package is damaged when I receive the goods?
When you receive your item, you should check it for damage. If the packaging is damaged or other visible signs of deficiency has, you have to acknowledge about the package subject to damage of the content.

3.3) Can I get free returns?
Yes, if you pay with PayPal and they will refund your return money - read more about Get your return shipping costs refunded.

4) Shipping and Delivery

4.1) When does Euro Skateshop send the goods?
Goods are often shipped on the same day of the order (if we have the goods in stock).
4.2) What should I do when I receive the package?
When you receive your goods, you have to check the package for visible damage.
4.3) What can I do if the shipment is damaged?
When you receive your item, you should check it for damage. If the packaging is damaged or other visible signs of deficiency has, you have to acknowledge about the package subject to damage of the content.
You can also refuse completely to accept it, then the driver takes back the package. If you deny the package, you must contact Euro Skateshop by e-mail: sale@euroskateshop.com.
If the packaging is intact, and you find a broken goods after unpacking, you should report it immediately to GLS and also Euro Skateshop contact by e-mail. This has to be within 24 hours after you have obtained the package. Customer Service can always help with your problem.
4.4) I have not received all the goods, I have ordered, perhaps their goods are sent from a different plant than normal.
If the product ordered is out of stock, you will be contacted with an offer of a better product for the same price.

5) Repair and Warranty

5.1) What is the warranty for Euro Skateshop?
If the goods have manufacturing or material defects, you have 2 year material warranty on their products from the day you receive the products have. Some manufacturers offer warranty on the two-year warranty. With further question of warranty you can also EUR Board Shop's Customer Service via sale@euroskateshop.com.
5.2) How do I get my item for repair?
If you wish to complain about a defective product.
  • Download these instructions - click here (send an e-mail to sale@euroskateshop.com, then we will send a return label to you - IMPORTANT: this online form must be completed and signed, and be attached to the item)
  • Send an e-mail to sale@euroskateshop.com with information about the above order number, product name, serial number, and a detailed error description in English.

Once you have established a complaint, you will be contacted at the customer service.
5.3) How can I use the repair of my item?
We will keep you informed about the repair via e-mail. You can also write to sale@euroskateshop.com if you want further details.

6) Campaign offers and prices

6.1) Where can I find special offers and products to price on sale?
In Euro Skateshop we strive to be first with news and good prices. We often receive additional offers from our suppliers, and therefore we are constantly updating the site.
This means that you can find throughout the day new deals. In addition, Euro Skateshop informs about products and offers on Facebook and in a newsletter.

7) Newsletter

7.1) What do I get when I sign up to the newsletter?
You receive the newsletter with campaign offers 2-4 times a month. The newsletter contains the best and latest deals, everyday tips, contests, inspiration and new knowledge about the products. Your data will not be disclosed.
7.2) How do I register for the Euro Skateshop Newsletter?
You can sign up to the newsletter for example by taking part in our competitions. You can sign up to our newsletter at the checkout, then you must check this box:

"I want to enroll the Euro Skateshop Newsletter"

Euro Skateshop does not send e-mail advertising or so without your consent.

7.3) How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
At the end of the newsletter you will find the link "newsletter to unsubscribe". If you click on this link you unsubscribe our newsletter.

8) Best Price Guarantee

8.1) Always the best price
In Euro Skateshop we have a price guarantee and always provide our customers the best prices. Can you still find a better official listing, we will adjust the price.