Worth knowing about Penny skateboards

Would you like to know what patented plastic means? "Nickel"? "22" vs 27 "" Durameter "?" ABEC-7 "?" Concave "?" Truck "?" Penny deck "?" 78a or 83a "?

Penny skateboards are both a brand and a term. After Ben Mackay started producing plastic skateboards in Australia, the term Penny board has become a term used for all smaller plastic skateboards - therefore, mini cruiser (which is actually their proper name) can also be used as synonym. We will try to explain the most used terms below. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

1) Penny Deck

1.1 Penny Deck / Introduction

There are 2 sizes of penny board decks. The classic and the slightly bigger Penny Nickel skateboard (Big Mom). The difference between the two decks is the length, the width and most importantly the stability.

Penny Classic: 56cm (22 ") x 15cm (6")
Penny Nickel (Big Mamma): 69cm (27 ") x 19cm (7.50")

1.2 Penny Deck / Length

Classic 22" Nickel 27"

The deck of a classic penny board is relatively small and makes it easy to take along. It gives you plenty of space to pushe, but just just enough space to cruise down the seafront. Thanks to its short length, it is otherwise very flexible deck, not exaggerated flexibly and still offers a little stability; However, videos often show that people driving over their penny skateboard with the car without being hurt - called "bottoms out".

The deck of a Penny Nickel board is longer and reminds me of a longboard. The comfort is high and it's easier to stand on - especially for beginners and people with big feet.

1.3 Penny Deck / Material

A penny skateboard is shaped like a small surfboard with a kicktail at one end. The deck of a penny skateboard is made of plastic that gives it a little flexibility.

Some brands advertise with patented plastic (Penny, Naked, Globe), Transparent Plastic (Sunset, Annox), or just nylon. The material on a plastic deck from a penny board is almost the same. Many boards are produced in the same factories but with different brands, therefore, patented plastics do not directly affect the quality.

Often, however, the stiffness of cheaper boards is saved, while stiffer plastic is used for transparent penny board decks. A pin penny board deck is more stable than a flexible penny board deck.

1.4 Penny Deck / Grip Pattern


Most penny skateboards are designed to be easy to take anywhere. The method of holding your feet firmly to the board on a penny board very simple, with a grip pattern that is formed in the plastic itself. This pattern is often referred to as waffle-shaped or waffle non-slip.

The Penny Board's grip differs from a plain skateboard that uses griptape (a form of sandpaper) that can be hard for unwanted hands, but provides better grip. It is also possible to buy regular griptape specially made for pennyboard to fit the penny board deck.