Guide to buying skateboards

Do you dream of being the next Paul Rodriguez or Rob Dyrdek? Maybe just cruise around the streets or the skate park with style and ease, shredded with the best of them? It all starts by purchasing your first complete skateboard and - more importantly - buying the right setup for you. Euroskateshop is here to help you through the process and guide you. Take a look at all our skateboards that can be bought online or in the store.

How do you choose a skateboard?

Euroskateshop offers a wide range of skateboards and parts. It's all very good if you know what you want, but what if you're a beginner or someone who has skated the same setup forever and is looking for something new? You might need some help! We will guide you through everything you need to know to make the right decisions, whether you buy a complete skateboard or upgrade your setup with some parts.

Worth knowing if you buy a complete skateboard:
If you are a beginner and you do not want to build a custom complete skateboard, check out our range of skateboards that have been completed and ready to run. KiteDanmark offers complete skateboards that are built of the same quality parts that can also be purchased separately on our website.

1. Skateboard / Introduction

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A skateboard is not just a skateboard. Looking at skateboards in the supermarket or the rental shop, you will notice that the tree and the contraction are irregular, which makes the board weak. Ball bearings, wheels and trucks can often be assembled without a flared back tension. We promise in Euroskateshop that all our complete skateboards are made by manufacturers who know what they are doing and produce "real" skateboards.

Skateboard can be purchased complete and 100% ready to drive. To collect a complete skateboard, you will need the following components:
Skateboard deck
A set of trucks (2 pieces)
One set of wheels (4 pcs.)
One set of bearings (2 per wheel = total 8 pcs.)
Hardware (a set of 8 nuts and bolts is required to mount trucks to the deck)
Griptape (sandpaper similar material that is on top of the deck, to increase grip)
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2.1 Skateboard Deck / Introduction

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The Skateboard Deck refers to the platform on which you stand and which you want to "shred". Skateboard decks are traditionally made of several layers of maple maple on top of each other (7 is the average), and this contributes to their durability and strength. When you start looking for skateboard decks to suit you, the width is an important overall characteristic. Different shapes and widths of the deck are aimed at different styles of skateboarding. In the beginning, we recommend that you choose a deck width slightly narrower than the length of your foot.

Furthermore, the length may be important if you are lower or just looking for a small cruiserboard. See see the figure and choose the right size.
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2.2 Skateboard Deck / Width

The standard skateboard width (ie, longboards, cruises, or mini-cruisers) is from 19.0 cm (7.5 ") to 21.5 cm (8.5"). It is abandoned in inches in the ordinary skate language - turn it into ;-). Different styles of skateboarding correspond to certain general widths. Wider boards are more stable, but often harder to make tricks on. Smaller boards are usually more responsive and easier to do tricks on, but also less stable.
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2.3 Skateboard Deck / Shaft Distance

The axle distance is the distance between the mounted trucks axles. The axle spacing of a skateboard can vary and are a personal preference that should fit into the skateboard. your body building. Just like the distance between your legs in any boardsport, the wheelbase must be longer if you have long legs. The axle spacing determines the turning radius of the board; A shorter axle distance will have a shorter turning radius and a longer axle distance a larger turning radius.
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2.4 Skateboard Deck / Concave and shape

Each manufacturer - and in addition - different series of boards from suppliers have different shapes or degrees of concave. Konkav is related to the amount of bending and shaping between the board's seats and can affect the severity of tricks in many ways. Flat boards with smaller concave may be better for technical flip tricks, while boards with increased concave generally are more solid and easy to control.
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3.1 Skateboard Trucks / Introduction

Trucks hold the wheels fast to the deck and allow the board to rotate and tilt the shaft. Trucks turning capacity can be adjusted. Tighten the nut on the headpin (kingpin) compressors bushings and create a stiffer feeling = more stability and require more power when turning. Looser Trucks are better for turning while tighter trucks are better for pop. Thus, tightening or changing durometer on brushings will change how your trucks rotate. Trucks come in different widths, so it's important to know the size of your board before deciding which trucks you want. Trucks are available at varying heights and each is better suited for different styles within skateboarding and activities. Generally, the following styles are available: LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH truck
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3.2 Skateboard Trucks / Truck Height

LOW - Best suited for flip tricks and extra stability, this truck height goes well with less wheels to reduce the chances of "wheel bite". It is also good for beginners because of the lower center of gravity (KiteDanmark recommends using 50-53mm wheels).

MEDIUM - Best for skateboarding in the streets or in a park, but very versatile, this truck's height is the most common for all-around skateboarding (KiteDanmark recommends using 53-56mm wheels).

HIGH - This height is utilized by taxis primarily interested in cruising or carving and those less focused on flip tricks (KiteDanmark recommends that you use + 56mm wheels).
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3.3 Skateboard Trucks / Axle width

When choosing your hardware, you need to do it based on how thick your board is and if you drive with a riser (plastic between truck and deck - see below below riser pads). The truck size is determined by the width in inches of the shaft (shown in the diagram above). In general, the size of the truck's shaft should correspond to the width of the skateboard deck. The majority of trucks are manufactured to be suitable for most 7.5 "to 8" deck sizes.

Below you will find some general guidelines:
6 "-7.25" truck shaft - 6.5 "to 7.25" skateboard decks
7.5 "truck shaft - 7.25 to 7.5" skateboard decks
7.75 "truck shaft - 7.5" to 8 "skateboard decks
8.0 "truck shaft - 8" to 8.5 "skateboard decks
8.5 "truck shaft - 8.5" to 9 "skateboard decks
9.0 "truck shaft - 9" to 10 "skateboard decks
10.0 "truck shaft - 10" and above skateboard decks
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3.4 Skateboard Trucks / Bushings

Bushings are rubber pads between "kingpin" and the truck's "hanger". There are 2 bushings per. truck. Hard bushings are harder to squeeze together but return more energy and provide a more elastic backward to the center or more resistance if you want to "pump". Softer bushings absorb energy and impact = easier to turn. Tightening your trucks through the kingpin nut can change the way your board rotates.
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3.5 Skateboard Trucks / Kingpin

Kingpin is the threaded bolt that holds bushings on the truck hanger. Here in the picture you can see exactly where the kingpin and kingpin nut can be found and identified on your skateboard truck.
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